Spire Restoration Fund

Please help to support our wonderful spire in its time of need.

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This impressive architectural feature invites most passers-by through the doors of St Alban's to enter sacred space and encounter God. But this proud spire is in need of urgent restoration work.

Restoring the cross and spire damaged by water ingress is critical; and we have already started the process of securing funds. We see St Alban's as a place where we can know God, grow in Christ, build community and look beyond ourselves. That usually means meeting other people's needs. Today, we look to you in our time of need.

It will cost 4 million kroner, and as the church receives no funding from the Church of England we need all the help we can get to raise this money, and that's where you come in.

Ways to Donate

There are a couple of ways you can help. You can make a gift to St Alban's Church, or pay it forward, whether it is to honour the memory of a loved one, a special occasion you marked here – a wedding, a baptism, or a funeral – or perhaps for no reason other than the goodness of your heart. Your gift does not have to be large - please pledge what you can afford to help us climb the ladder to our community fundraising goal. Every contribution can make a difference. Please follow the link below to donate directly via Mobile Pay (available to those who live in Denmark) or write to chaplain@st-albans.dk if you would like to donate another way, or to help plan or sponsor a fundraising event.

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