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Getting Married at St Alban’s


It is always a great and happy occasion for us at St Alban’s when a couple gets married in the church. It is an opportunity for a man and a woman to tell one another how they feel for one another and to consequently place their lives together and on the same life-journey. They do this surrounded by those who love them most, family and friends, and they seek God’s blessing on their commitment and their future. The vows taken by both the man and the woman in the Church of England service are both beautiful and practical:

I take you
to be my wife/husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part;
according to God’s holy law.
In the presence of God I make this vow.

Who can get married at St Alban’s?

St Alban´s is not a parish church but a Chaplaincy. This means that there are certain restrictions as to who can be married in the church. Ordinarily, both people need to be baptised. In addition, at least one needs to be an Anglican (or a member of a Church in communion with the Church of England) or to have worshipped at St Alban’s regularly for a period of six months. The man and woman must not be related within the prohibited degrees and must be of lawful age. If you do not fulfil the requiremetns for marriage at St Alban’s it still may be possible to celebrate a service with the blessing of your marriage.

Please contact the chaplain BEFORE you make any other arrangements, to ensure that the date you request is available.

Can divorcees marry at St Alban’s?

The Church of England believes that marriage is for life. We recognise, however, that sadly some marriages do fail for a variety of reasons. In exceptional circumstances the Church accepts that a divorced person, with a former partner still living, may marry again. Please contact the Chaplain (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) to discuss this further. He will want to talk frankly about your past and your hopes for the future. Even if it is not possible to celebrate a wedding, a service of blessing may be offered as a possibility.

How do we apply to be married at St Alban’s?

Download the application form and send a copy to the Chaplain (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)). The Chaplain will then be in touch with you regarding your application and, if your marriage is possible at St Alban’s, a possible time to meet together. Before a marriage is solemnised, Danish law requires that the Church receives a Prøvelsesattest. This legal document is obtained from the Town Hall (Rådhus) of the Kommune in which you will be resident at the time of your marriage. You should make contact with them yourself to ask for further information about obtaining the form and especially about the documents needed for its issue. The Prøvelsesattest is valid for four months from the date of issue.

What do we have to send?

  1. The Prøvelsesattest from the Rådhus in your local commune
  2. Copies of both birth certificates
  3. Names and addresses of proposed two witnesses of the wedding

When do we need to send these documents?

At least two weeks before the wedding but preferably beforehand

How do we plan the service itself?

You will meet with the Chaplain a few times to plan the service, to draft your service sheet (which you will eventually need to get printed) and to discuss the vows you will take.

How long does an average marriage service take?

About 40 minutes

What vows do we make?

The words with which you are married can be found under The Declarations at:

How do we arrange the music for the service?

You should contact the church organist as soon as possible to book him and to begin planning music for the bride´s entrance, the hymns, music for signing the registers and for your exit from the church.

How can I contact the church organist?

The church organist can be contacted at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Can we have any of the service in Danish?

It is sometimes appropriate to have a reading, a hymn or some prayers said in Danish.

What readings can we have at the wedding?

You may have either one or two readings at your wedding and we suggest that you invite a friend or two to read them at the service. If you have one reading, we ask that it is from the Bible. If you have two, the second may come from a non-biblical source. For ideas for the readings and the hymns (usually two or three) you might like to look at Readings for Weddings by Mark Oakley, ISBN 0-281-05329-4 or look at various websites.

Do we rehearse the wedding service?

Yes, usually in the early evening a couple of days beforehand. Ideally, we will need the bestman, a bridesmaid, the person giving the bride away as well as the wedding couple, at the rehearsal, although this is not always possible.

Can we have flowers in the church?

Yes. Please contact the church office to fix a time for your florist to arrange the flowers.

Can we have candles?

Candles will be lit at the service but it is not possible at St Alban´s to have them lit at the end of the pews.

Can we have a choir?

Yes, usually. Please speak to the organist about booking.

Can bells be rung?

Yes, usually. Please speak to the Chaplain about booking.

Can we invite other clergy to assist the Chaplain?

If you would like to invite another priest or minister to take part in the service the Chaplain is usually more than happy to invite him or her to assist in the service.

Can we take photos at the service?

Yes, but discretion is asked for. Couples have been bothered in the past by a lot of flashes going off during the service. It is better if the congregation takes pictures at the end and a professional photographer takes photographs during the service after having consulted the Chaplain beforehand on the day. Any videoing must also be very discreet or else the proper focus of the wedding is lost!

Can we throw confetti or rice after the service?

No, I´m afraid not because you will not be on church land and we are next to a habitat with much wildlife. Rose petals or bird seed might be a good alternative!

How much does it all cost?

The Chaplain will discuss the relevant fees with you as you plan the service together.

How do we pay the fees?

By arranging payment with the Chaplain (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

Are we able to give an extra donation to the church?

Yes, please! Unlike other churches, St Alban´s receives no financial assistance from either the British or Danish governments, nor from the Church of England. We have to be financially self-sufficient and your help is greatly appreciated. You might like to advise your family and friends of this too as they often like to make a thanksgiving gift for the wedding.

Where can we read more about Anglican weddings?

The Church of England has an excellent website which gives lots of information on getting married in Church. The site also has a very useful 'ceremony planner'. Check it out here: