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Today is: Wednesday 28th, 2022

Prayer at St Alban’s

Prayer is a very important part of our Christian faith. Much of the prayer of the Anglican Church is collective, that is to say we do it together and this is reflected in much of what you will say when you recite Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer. There is another side to our prayer life, our own individual prayers, as we try to share in Christ’s prayer to his Father, that his will be done, his kingdom come.

We include several links below to other websites to help your prayer life to grow. There is something for everyone, whether you feel you are just starting out, you are rediscovering or you have a regular pattern of prayer. The ‘Learning to Pray’ link in the first website is excellent for children and adults alike. There are links to several prayer diaries. We hope that you will find the websites useful.

You can download a special Saint Alban's Prayer Card here (PDF format). Copies of this Prayer Card are available at the Church.

CofE Prayer & Worship

Website address:

This Church of England website has sections on:
Topical prayers. A selection of prayers on a range of subjects that are particularly on people’s minds at this time.
Daily prayer. Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer are available to help you find time for God during your day. You can now select dates up to four weeks from today onwards
Worship. Find services and prayers from the Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship and a section
Learning to pray. Whether you are a child, young person or an adult, learning to pray is easier than you might imagine! Millions of people of every age pray every day.

Diocese in Europe: Diocesan Calendar and Prayer Diary

Website address:

Our own Diocesan website with the Diocesan Prayer Diary.
This calendar has been compiled to help us to pray together for one another and for our common concerns. Each chaplaincy, with the communities it serves, is remembered in prayer once a year. Also included are the Anglican Cycle of Prayer (daily), the World Council of Churches prayer cycle (weekly, prayer resources on site), the Porvoo Cycle (weekly), and festivals and commemorations from the Common Worship Lectionary .

Anglicans in World Mission: Pray

Website address:

The USPG Anglicans in World Mission website with the USPG Prayer Diary
The USPG site focuses on a particular country in which they work each week. The page contains current information about the country and the work of the Church in that area. As well as a specially written prayer, different topics for prayer are suggested for each day of the week.

Mothers’ Union Prayers

Website address:

The Mothers’ Union website with the Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer
The Mothers’ Union aim to promote and encourage Christian family life and join together worldwide in their commitment to prayer, policy and faith in action. The ‘Wave of Prayer’ is an offering of prayer from and for Mothers’ Union around the world. Specific days in the year are allocated to each diocese of the Anglican Communion in turn, when prayers are focused on their work and needs.

Prayer Requests

If you have a special prayer request and would like us to pray for someone in particular in our intercessions you can either email us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (subject “intercessions” and a date) or you let us know when you come to Church.