Being an Ordinand

Rebecca and Owen have just started their second year of training to be ordained in the Church of England. The first of year of study, has been exciting and challenging in many ways and they are looking forward to continuing to discern God's call while delving deeper into God’s Word.

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Graham, one of our lay readers, felt a call to ordained ministry and has started training this year. Training has so far allowed them to invest deeply in Theology that feeds good mission, invest in their prayer lives, experiences and practices in ministry and mission.

Ordination Training like Medicine requires continuous learning even after being ordained into the Deaconate or the Priesthood. What they have learnt so far is that there has to strong commitment, faith, dedication, love and selfless service. It also involves independent learning and being resourceful. But most importantly, it is about being obedient to God and His calling. As we are reminded in the Ordinal, we are called to be a servant, shepherd, messenger, sentinel and steward of God. God has blessed us with gifts to utilise them for His glory and serve others. God has brought them to this stage for a reason and they need to rely in His strength and confidence.

They have experienced many joys and challenges so far in their training institutions and have learnt so much.

‘I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing sermons and delivering them under the guidance of our Chaplain, and with her help, and the help of the ministry team, I am slowly learning how to ‘occupy the space’ in church at public worship. I am hoping to gain more insight into how to work with people at baptisms, weddings, funerals. We pray for them as they continue their journey.’

Owen Prewett, 2022

‘The community I am in, is very welcoming and diverse, and I feel and believe that this is the environment that will allow me to thrive and wrestle with ideas. Everyone looks out for each other, develops strong friendships with each other and has productive conversations when walking past each other. I am especially enjoying our Emmaus Journey groups, where we have a personal tutor and a number of peers who pray for each other, and it is a place where we share our testimonies. This has been extremely valuable as it highlights how different our walks of faith and ‘calling’ have been.’

Rebecca Mathen, 2022

So let us pray for all of them as they continue on this journey.

Lord, we thank you for those who have joyfully responded to you call to ordained ministry,

bless them as they prepare to proclaim Your Word,

to administer your sacraments,

to teach the faith,

to lead others in holiness of life,

to work for peace and justice,

to comfort the sick and dying

and console the bereaved.

May Christ, the Good Shepherd, guard and guide them.


If you feel you are being called to ministry whether lay or ordained please talk to the Chaplain.