St Alban's Church

Churchill Parken 11, Langelinie, DK 1263, Copenhagen, Denmark | Map


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Getting to St. Albans by car

St Albans church is located within the ciry center of Copenhagen.

St Alban's Church
Churchill Parken,
Copenhagen 1263,

This means that there is a possibliity of traffic jams and other problems for car drivers.


The church is within the GREEN parking zone. (Grøn zone) which means that it is expensive to park there during the week.

It is free to park in the area during sunday and on most public holidays:

To quote from

I betalingsområdet skal du betale for parkering hele døgnet fra mandag kl. 08 til og med lørdag kl. 17. Det er gratis at parkere fra lørdag kl. 17 til mandag morgen kl. 08.

"Søndage samt Nytårsdag, Skærtorsdag, Langfredag, 2. påskedag, Store Bededag, Kristi Himmelfartsdag, Grundlovsdag, 2. pinsedag, Jule-aftensdag, 1. Juledag og 2. juledag er alle betalingsfrie.

Husk at hverken Grundlovsdag eller Juleaftensdag er helligdage.

Roughly translated as:

In the payment areas you must pay for parking all day from Monday. 08:00 through Saturday. 17:00. It is free to park from Saturday. 17:00 until Monday morning at. 08:00

"Sundays and New Year's Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the second day of Easter, Prayer Day, Ascension Day, Constitution Day, the second day of Pentecost, Christmas aftensdag, the first Christmas Day and 2nd Christmas Day are all toll-free.

Remember that neither the Constitution Day or Christmas Day are holidays (so parking fees apply).

Events that make getting to St. Albans by car difficult

A number of large events are held anually in Copenhagen, often on a Sunday. These events will often cause the streets of Copenhagen to be blocked for access by car.

These include:

Copenhagen marathon ( )
Iron Man Copenhagen ( )
Copenhagen Half Marathon (  )
Friløbet   ( )

and to a smaller extent:
echo walkathon    ( )
Copenhagen cooking ( )

When the streets are blocked, then public transport is often the best way to get to St. Albans.