St Alban's Church

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Today is: Tuesday 27th, 2022


Our outreach at St Alban’s starts as you step through the door for the first time. In the last five years we have welcomed more and more people to our Church, either visiting or joining us for a day, a weekend, a week, a month, a year, several years or those making Denmark their home for longer. As a congregation we try to make sure that everyone feels welcome and that St Alban’s becomes a ‘home from home’ for you.

As part of our outreach and as well as welcoming newcomers, we also look to the community that we live in and are part of, to our diocese, further afield to the Anglican communion, to our fellow members in the Porvoo Agreement and to other churches and communities of faith. As a Church community we consider how we can engage with and support others in God’s world who through circumstance need our help. With modern media giving glimpses both near and far of poverty and hunger, earthquake, terrorism and famine, it can be difficult to know where to start. Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s saying below helps keep things in perspective, with such images in mind:

“It is so easy to feel helpless. But please remember that the ocean is made up of small drops of water, and every drop counts.”

Each year our Chaplaincy Council considers what we can do as a community. We try through our outside giving to reach out and to support local concerns, projects within our deanery and diocese, and projects further afield in the world.


Locally we have we have given to Danner Huset Krisecenter, a shelter that looks after homeless women and their children following family breakdown. Individuals have run marathons in support of Redan and ridden bicycles across Europe for a children’s wheelchair appeal. We have sponsored an event raising money for Macdonald Huset and, through the Mothers’ Union Christmas shoebox appeal, we have distributed boxes of presents to children living with their mothers in sheltered housing.

In the Deanery and Diocese, we have been a Sudanese refugee congregation in Finland through the Bishops Advent appeal, our outside giving and through the pancake race and lunch. We have also contributed towards a soup kitchen in Riga. We value these projects in particular as they serve both a community driven from their homes through civil strife and unrest and individuals searching for food and shelter in a country that is our neighbour.

Further afield, we have often responded to emergency appeals in times of natural disasters. In 2011 we are very pleased to have been accepted as a member of the Danish Mission Council (DMC). This is a particularly exciting move for us as through membership of the Council we are able to work with them in supporting well researched projects that have the potential give sustainable help in some of the poorer parts of the world. We are also supporting the work of USPG Anglicans in World Mission in their ‘Hands on Health’ initiative in Malawi.

Articles in the October and November 2011 Church newsletters give more information about the work of the DMC and USPG.