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Sponsored Songs of Praise at Saint Alban’s

Posted on Sunday 31st July, 2016

On Sunday 9 October at 16.00 we will hold a very special service at Saint Alban’s. The seven most popular hymns - as chosen by public vote - will be sung by the choir and congregation.

This Sponsored ‘Songs of Praise’ style service is a fundraising event in aid of the church. Each vote costs 10 kr, but you can vote for the same hymn as many times as you like (so 10 votes would cost 100 kr), or for many different hymns. You can vote for any hymn in our Common Praise hymn book.

Voting takes place from 31 July to 25 September. It will be possible to pay with cash or via MobilePay (use number 22 32 53 37 with text ‘SSOP’ so that we know what the money is for). There will be voting slips and envelopes in the Narthex during the voting period. You can also download a voting slip here and a poster / flyer for the event here.

This promises to be great fun, so please help our fund-raising efforts by voting for your favourite hymn(s).

October Update

The Sponsored ‘Songs of Praise’ style service was held on the afternoon of Sunday 9 October and was a great success - with over DKK 5,500 raised and a large congregation in attendance. You can read about the service on the Diocese in Europe website: So what are your top seven hymns?

You can also listen to each hymn being introduced and sung in the sound files below:

The service ended with our organist, Mie Berg, playing "Jerusalem" as the choir and clergy processed out. You can listen to a recording here. The famous hymn was greeted with applause, but didn't make the top seven on this occasion!

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Sponsored Songs of Praise at Saint Alban’s

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