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Love was his meaning – A Message from the Chaplain

Posted on Thursday 13th April, 2017

My dear friends,

Today we enter the most sacred days of this “Holy Week”. In Christian tradition, the seventy-two hour period from the evening of Maundy Thursday to the Easter Vigil on Easter Eve was often known as the Easter or Paschal Triduum (from the Latin word for a period of three days). In these next few days, our liturgies at Saint Alban’s will recall Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection — culminating with the Easter Vigil on Saturday night and the Easter Day services on Sunday morning. The details are as follows:

Maundy Thursday, 13 April
20.00: Commemoration of the Last Supper, and The Watch

Good Friday, 14 April
14.00: An Hour at the Cross

Easter Eve, 15 April
19.30: Vigil, Service of Light, Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows, and Easter Eucharist

Easter Day, 16 April
9.00: Easter Day Holy Communion
10.30: The Easter Day Sung Eucharist

These services are our opportunity to enter ever more deeply into the great mysteries of our faith and to ponder their meaning for our lives and for our world. The great fourteenth century mystic Julian of Norwich summed up her understanding of Christ’s Passion in these beautiful words:

You would know our Lord’s meaning in this thing? Know it well.
Love was his meaning.
Who showed it to you? Love.
What did he show you? Love.
Why did he show it? Love.

May we know that self-giving Love of God in Christ this Holy Week, and always.


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