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How to lodge a complaint about the disappearance of the 1A Bus.

Posted on Monday 13th January, 2020

There are many who have been affected by the changed bus routes (since the opening of the new Metro City Ring), especially the disappearance of the 1A bus.

Below is a link to the complaints form. We have discovered that it would be better to send individual complaints rather than a joint one for the whole of St. Alban's so please fill it in:
None of the fields except "besked" (message) is obligatory but it would be a good idea to fill in the "linjenummer" (i.e. 1A). Please explain the problem you have of getting to church. Remember to note that this is difficult for those who find walking a problem.

When you press "Næste" (next) please state that you want an answer and fill in your e-mail address.
Thank you for helping us out - the more complaints they get about the 1A the more likely it is to be re-instated.

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