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Christmas and new year message from the churchwardens

Posted on Saturday 6th January, 2018

Dear all

Your two churchwardens, Christopher Parker and Nigel Rowley, together with all the of the ministry team and the Church Council would like to wish everyone who comes to Saint Alban’s a very merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy New Year.  We would like to thank everyone for helping to make Saint Alban’s such a welcoming, happy place and, we are grateful for all the help, including the generous financial support, that Saint Alban’s receives every year.

Looking back on 2017, there are so many things to be grateful for and, it is incredibly difficult to know which to highlight here.  One could mention the wonderful season the Guardians have had or, all the hard work that was put into the fête or, those who keep the church tidy, all the brass shiny and beautify the church with flowers or, the hours of work on our gardens or, those who have helped get the chaplaincy house ready for the locums and to get them settled in or, all those who ensure there is a warm cup of coffee or tea after the Sunday service or, all the hours that go into making our wonderful Church Newsletter …… and the list goes on!  A huge thank you to all who make Saint Alban’s - well, Saint Alban’s.

2018 is going to be yet another exciting year in the life of our church.  The first third of the year we will still be in interregnum but, with the help and guidance of the wonderful locums we have lined up, as well as from our friend Palle Thordal, the weeks will fly by.  We are naturally all very much looking forward to welcoming our new chaplain and excited as to whom it is.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to go into any details at present but, we will soon have our new chaplain leading us in our worship and helping both Saint Alban’s, and us personally, to grow and thrive. 

2018 will, at long last, also be the year where Saint Alban’s gets a long awaited new toilet block.  Not just one new toilet but three!  Where the toilet is situated at present, and the immediate area around it, this will be converted to a new kitchenette.  What luxury grin   We hope to put the project out to tender in January and to start the actual building work in late spring/early summer.  However, all of this will cost a considerable amount of money (in excess of DKK 2.5 million) and, therefore we are looking to raise as much capital as possible - hopefully exceeding half a million kroner. 

A very merry Christmas to you all and
the very best of wishes for 2018
Chris & Nigel



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Please be aware that we have a new MobilePay number.  This is often the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to make a donation:- 32644.  Saint Alban’s is grateful for every øre we receive - thank you!

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