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At Christmas, God says, “I give you my Word” - A Message from the Chaplain

Posted on Saturday 10th December, 2016

My dear friends,

At Christmas, God says, “I give you my Word”.

I recently came across a wonderful piece of writing from the American novelist, essayist and theologian Frederick Buechner. His insights have shed new light for me on this coming season of Christmas. In the book Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC, Buechner compares God to a writer searching for the mot juste, searching for that one elusive word which will convey his meaning and purpose.

Word after word God tries in search of the right word. When the creation itself doesn't   seem to say it right — sun, moon, stars, all of it — God tries flesh and blood. God tried   saying it in Noah, but Noah was a drinking man. God tried saying it in Abraham, but   Abraham was a little too Mesopotamian with all those wives and whiskers. God tried   Moses, but Moses himself was trying too hard; tried David, but David was too pretty for his  own good. Toward the end of his rope, God tried saying it in John the Baptist with his   locusts and honey and hellfire preaching, and you get the feeling that John might almost   have worked except that he lacked something small but crucial like a sense of the   ridiculous or a balanced diet.

So God tried once more. Jesus as the mot juste of God. “The word became flesh,” John  said, of all flesh this flesh. Jesus as the Word made flesh means take it or leave it: in this  life, death, life, God finally manages to say what God is and what human is. It means: just  as your words have you in them — your breath, spirit, power, hiddenness — so Jesus has  God in him.

Beautiful, isn’t it? And what it tells us is that at Christmas God gives us his word — both his Word made flesh in Jesus, and also his word that nothing can finally separate us from his love. Christmas is a promise — a promise that in Jesus of Nazareth we see not only what God is like but also what a truly-alive human being is like. And Christmas is a pledge — a pledge that through the Spirit of Christ at work in us we too are empowered to give our lives away — to give our lives away in love, just like Jesus did.

At Christmas, God says, “I give you my Word” — and that Word is trustworthy and true.

Enjoy the celebrations!



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