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Today is: Tuesday 27th, 2022

Shrinking Our Footprints

Launched in 2005 and gathering pace is the Church of England’s campaign to shrink their carbon footprint up to 60% by the year 2050.

That our climate is going through change is indisputable. The reasons for this change and ‘who is to blame’ are debated, but it is clear that our carbon emissions play a large part in the causes and are accelerating the process.

We have the capability to limit these emissions and to develop a more sustainable co-existence with our planet.

In 2007 Saint Alban’s Church appointed an Environmental Officer and an Environmental Audit was completed at both the Church and the Vicarage. We have established our ‘base line’: we know where we are, and have set ourselves targets to see if we can reduce our footprint in line with, if not before, the Church of England’s goal.

In 2008, we will focus on the various areas where we as a church and as individuals can begin to ‘Change the Habit’. We will review our use of water, energy, transport and waste and implement relevant changes to help shrink our carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly.

Our ‘Lights for Lent’ campaign kicks off with the introduction of energy efficient light bulbs and recycling bins in the Church together with a review of purchasing policies to ensure that environmentally friendly options are chosen where ever possible.

In our ‘disposable’ society it is important that we start to look at the way we live, what we buy, where it comes from, how it gets here. Changing the Habit may not always be comfortable but the questions that it raises are particularly apt now as they coincide with Lent, a time of taking stock and a time of self examination and a time of reflection in preparation for Easter.

Liken yourself to a drop of water.
A stream is made of many drops,
if we can join together to become a stream,
then flow on with others to become a river,
we can lead a tide of change.