St Alban's Church

Churchill Parken 11, Langelinie, DK 1263, Copenhagen, Denmark | Map


Today is: Tuesday 27th, 2022

Environmental Prayer

Lord God,
We thank you for the gift of life.
We thank and praise you for the mystery of creation.
We know that you are in us,
And we in you.
Guide us, therefore,
In our efforts
To hand on the earth to future generations,
So that others can seek to understand
Your will and purpose in the world,
Bring your love to perfection
And magnify your holy name.
Help us overcome godlessness with love.
Help us support and protect
the victims of climate change everywhere;
Those who’ve lost
their homes or livelihoods
to the ravages of famine, fire and flood.
Teach us to live in peace
And harmony with all creation.
Lord, in your name,