St Alban's Church

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Today is: Tuesday 27th, 2022

Car Sharing Scheme

The car share scheme has been thought out in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and make new friends at the same time. A lot of people are already giving lifts to others, which is great. But perhaps you’re driving to church when a neighbour of yours is driving too? If so, we want to encourage you to leave your car at home once in a while and drive to church (or other events) with your neighbour. It’s all about filling up any vacant spaces you might have in your car. So if you drive to church and have space in your car, put your name (along with your address and telephone number and a note saying how many vacant seats you normally have) on the sheet on the notice board in the narthex. After that, the Task Force will make as many positive matches as possible, hopefully putting you in contact with someone you can take turns with.