Møllevangs Kirken, Aarhus

Anglican (Episcopal) services are held regularly in Aarhus - usually on the final Sunday of the month.

The services are held in Møllevangs Kirken by very kind permission of the church.

The Chaplain of Saint Alban's, Copenhagen, usually leads the services; however, during the interregnum our locum chaplains or a lay minister will be taking the services.

After each service coffee and cake are served in Sognegården (the parish hall) and there is an opportunity to meet members of the congregation.

For more information contact Thea Clemson Andersen at theaclemson@hotmail.com.

St Alban's Church in Aarhus relies solely on private donations. From these contributions we are able to hold the services, and pay for the organist etc. The contributions are tax deductible. Please, contact our treasurer Angela Hansen at angelabream@yahoo.dk for further information.


Services are held on the last Sunday of every month, except in the months of July and December. There is NO service in July (Summer Holiday) In December, the carol service is held. Keep an eye out for more news on the date of this.

Postal address

The services are held at:
Møllevangs Allé 49,
8210 Aarhus V.

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