St Alban's Church

Churchill Parken 11, Langelinie, DK 1263, Copenhagen, Denmark | Map


Today is: Tuesday 30th, 2021


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The organ is still housed in the original casing designed by Arthur Blomfield. It was built by JW Walker & Sons and was in place in time for the consecration in 1887, in a chamber on the south side of the chancel. The "St Alban's Festal March" was commissioned by Arthur Berridge for the occassion. The organ was given by an anonymous donor and was originally hand-pumped, with electric bellows installed in 1928. It was altered several times during the twentieth century (including 1966 and 1985), eventually losing its original character. In 2004 Harrison & Harrison of Durham undertook a major restoration and rebuild in consultation with Dr Nicholas Thistlethwaite. The new organ has 1482 pipes, with some of the old pipework being retained and new pipes being added to extend the range of the instrument. The casework from the old organ has been re-used; the new spotted metal front pipes have been decorated by Howell & Bellion.


1.† Bourdon (wood)   16
2.† Principal    8
3. Flute     8
4. Fifteenth    4
5. Bassoon    16
I Great to Pedal
II Swell to Pedal

6. Open Diapason   8
7.† Stopped Diapason (wood)  8
8. Principal    4
9. Chimney Flute   4
10. Fifteenth    2
11. Mixture    IV
12. Sesquialtera   II
13. Trumpet    8
    III Swell to Great

14. Viola    8
15.† Gedackt (wood)   8
16. Céleste (tenor c)   8
17.† Gemshorn    4
18.† Flageolet    2
19.† Mixture    III
20. Cornopean    8
21. Oboe    8
IV Tremulant

Four combination pedals to the Pedal Organ
Four pistons to the Great Organ
Four pistons to the Swell Organ (duplicated by combination pedals)
Reversible pistons: I, II, III
Reversible pedals: I, III
General cancel piston
Coupler: Great and Pedal pistons
The pistons are adjustable, with dual memory
† Pipework from the old organ

The manual compass is 61 notes, the pedal 30 notes
The manual and pedal key actions are mechanical; the drawstop and combination actions are electric.